Orange Blossom Express 2019

Region Convention Auction


Now is the time to start looking through your stockpile of kits, parts, abandoned projects, items in scales you’re no longer modeling, etc., which are taking up space in your workshop, on your workbench, in the closet, or under your layout. Find the items you want to get rid of and enter them in the Orange Blossom Express 2019 Region Convention Auction!  Or, it can be an opportunity to find that “gem” you’ve been looking for.

As a registered attendee, a seller will be able to enter up to ten (10) items in the auction.  This year you can list your items as either a “White Elephantat a fixed price or the Silent Auction starting with a minimum bid of $5.




It’s easy to get started.  Just print off the appropriate forms below and fill them out. Sellers will need to complete a Bid Sheet (either “White Elephant” or “Silent Auction”) for each item entered, an Auction Item List of items entered, and a Seller Registration form.  Then bring the filled out forms with you along with your items to the convention. If you have smaller items or low cost items, group and package them accordingly.

We will start to accept items Friday, May 17th, at 8:30 am.



Bidders need only print out the Bidder Registration form below and fill it out. Then bring the filled out form with you to the convention.

Bidding will start at 10:00 am on Friday, May 17th.



All items listed in the auction will have a minimum starting bid of $5.00 and incremental increases of at least $1.00.

So, get started sorting your wares and/or generating your wish list in time for the


Strawberry Sunshine Limited 2018 Silent Auction!

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Sellers must list EACH item in the White Elephant sale

Januray 1, 2019 Count Started at 4370

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