The Sunshine Express II

Region Convention


Bev Farnham – Women in Model Railroading

Bev Farnham – Marshes, Wetlands, and Boggs

Bev Farnham – Scratch Building a Simple Bridge

Bev Farnham – Building a Fruit & Vegetable Stand

Bev Farnham – Gas Station and Two Bay Garage

Ken Farnham - Basics for better Photography

Ken Farnham - Staging and Car Cards for Operations


Greg Komar – Switching Yard with a Five-Man Crew


Steve Decker – Mountain Casting

Steve Decker – Advanced Scenery


Donovan Lewis – Make Only New Mistakes

Donovan Lewis – Track as Scenery

Bob De Stefano – Using G.I.M.P. to Make Graffiti Decals


Ray Hazen – Controlling Servos with Arduinos


Mike Collins – Creating Scenes


Allen Crowley – Evolution of 3D Printing

Gene Jameson – Building a Rebar Load for Finger Flatcars


John Crellin – jmri decoder pro

Bob Bamford – Basic Does and Don’ts for Scratch Building RR Structures

Joe Oates – How Railroads Handle Mail and Express

John Giammasi – Scratch Building Wood Structures

Jim Langston – Passenger Car Trucks

Jim Langston – Jacksonville Terminal – today and yesteryear

Benita Jameson – TBD

Robert Feuerstein – Uncovering Hidden Gems on the NMRA and SSR Websites and How to Search Anything from Your Computer.


Jim Robertson – Making Coal Loads Using Blue Foam Board.


Robert Leonard – Weathering Rolling Stock and Structures Using Pencil and Powder is Closed


Mike Collins – Make and Take Fencing with Signs


John Wilkes – Aging Models with Alcohol