The Sunshine Express II

Region Convention



Al Crowley

            a)   Evolution of 3D Printing


Al Sohl   MMR®

            a)   Finishing the Gap


Benita Jameson

            a)   Detailing & Weathering from Standard to Stellar

            b)   Adding Interior Details to your buildings


Bev Farnham

            a)   Women in Model Railroading

            b)   Marshes, Wetlands, and Boggs

            c)   Scratch Building a Simple Bridge

            d)   Building a Fruit & Vegetable Stand

            e)   Gas Station and Two Bay Garage


Bob Destefano

            a)   Using G.I.M.P. to Make Graffiti Decals


Bob Feuerstein

            a)   Searching for Anything from Your Computer


Donovan Lewis

            a)   Make Only New Mistakes

            b)   Track as Scenery

            c)   Consider Modeling the Steel Industry


Gene Jameson

            a)   Building a Rebar Load for Finger Flatcars


Greg Komar

            a)   Yard Switching with a Five-Man Crew


Jim Langston

            a)   Passenger Car Trucks

            b)   Jacksonville Terminal – today and Yesteryear


Joe Oates

            a)   How Railroads Handle Mail and Express


Joel Beat

            a)   The New Bushnell Museum


John Crellin

            a)   jmri Decoder Pro


John Giammasi


            a)   Scratch Building Wood Structures

            b)   Scratch Building Federal Foods


Ken Farnham   MMR®

            a)   Basics for Better Photography

            b)   Staging and Car Cards for Operations


Larry Brennan

            a)   How Photos are Judged for the AP Program


Lee Weiss

            a)   weathering Structures and Signage

            b)   Making Telephone Poles


Mike Collins   MMR®

            a)   Making Small Scenes

            b)   Creating Scenes


Ray Hazen

            a)   Making Servo’s Go Slow


Robert Raymond

            a)    Building a Micro Layout

            b)   Op Sessions on the Micro Layout


Steve Decker

            a)   Mountain Casting

            b)   Advanced Scenery I

            c)   Advanced Scenery II


Tom Wilson

            a)   Modeling and Painting Brick 



Jim Robertson

            a)   Making Coal Loads Using Blue Foam Board


Robert Leonard

            a)   Weathering Rolling Stock and Structures Using Powder and Pencil Sold Out


Mike Collins     MMR®

            a)   Make and Take Fencing with Signs


John Wilkes    MMR®

            a)   Aging Models with alcohol