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We have 31 clinics so far.  Here is a list of presentors and some titles available. The clincs are subject to change

Greg Garbacz // Installing DCC Decoders in older Diesel Locomotives

Bob Leonard // Hands On-- Signs of Tissue

Gene Jameson // Documenting Your Layout

Benita Jameson (2) Contest Judging Parts 1 and 2 (You must attended or have attended

         these clinics before you can be a Judge)

Tom Wilson //Subject Pending

Don Wetmore (3) Introduction to Operating Your model RR // )2 Modeling a Prototype

         Passenger Consist 3) Researching a Prototype

         Introduction to Operating Your Model Railroad
         Getting started in modern railroad operations, including different options for car             forwarding, train scheduling, and train dispatching. Also learn helpful tools to                   assist your operating crews.
         Modeling a Prototype Passenger Consist
         Accurately modeling a prototype passenger train using examples of shorter trains             run by the Burlington and Chicago Great Western.
         Researching a Prototype Railroad
         Sources of information about prototype railroads, what you can learn from each                 source, and how to apply it to your model railroad.
        NMRA SSR Western Div Supt

David Leider (2)//Subjects Pending

John Wilkes  Subjects Pending

Donovan Lewis// Subject Pending

Jim Weise Lighting Modern Locomotives with Leds (Headlights, Walkway, Ditch Lights

         and more) 

Bob Miller Modeling Fla Scenery

Glenn Kopriva 3D- Printing

Ray Hazen (2) Battery Power for your Layout // 2) Subject Pending

Andy Zimmerman  N Scale T-Trak

Rich Mahaney (10 Clinics) Subjects Pending / Rich will giving 2 clinics Thursday Night

           at Hotel

Rich Mahaney  Our next Modeling Challenge for the 2024 Convention

Gordy Robinson // Meet The NMRA President

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