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Model Contest

As always, we'll have our model contest. Whether you're a novice getting started in modeling or a seasoned pro, the competition is for you. Enter your model for judging or Merit Awards for the Achievement Program or enter your work as a display-only model for everyone to see your work. There will be standard judging for Merit Awards for the Achievement Program; all other judging's will be in two categories, Master & Craftsman.


This event is a celebration of the modeling and art of Railroad and Railroading.  This includes models, photos, passes, and arts and crafts of all aspects of railroading.

The Sunshine Region of the National Model Railroad Association closely follows the National Celebration of Models and the Achievement Program's process and procedures.


Use this link to get to the National web pages

The Model Contest


The Model Contest portion of the Celebration of Models held during the yearly Regional Convention differs from National. Every effort is made to allow all modelers to submit models to the contest and compete for awards based on their skill levels. The only way to improve one's modeling skills is to build models. Using the annual competition challenges a modeler to do better and provides feedback and recommendations to improve these skills.


To that end, the Regional contest is broken into Skilled Masters and Craftsman.

Skilled Masters are those individuals that have attained the Achievement Program Certification in the category of the model being entered. An example here is that an AP Certification Master Builder - Cars is considered a Skilled Master. Models submitted by Master's are scored against other Masters. Artisans are therefore scored against other non-AP Certificate holders.


The Photo Contest


The Photo Contest is run following the National Photo Contest.

Details for the Photo Contest are found 


Code of Conduct


This comprises a pledge that contest judges, contest staff, and contest entrants are expected to observe during the contests' conduct.

Code of Conduct details are found at

Eligibility and Entry information is found at
Entry Forms are found at


Contest Rules


Contest Rules are the same for Masters and Craftsmen and are found at



Judging is done according to the Achievement Program Judging Guidelines, except that the maximum point score on the scratch-built factor for models entered in the Kit Built classification is limited to 8 points.

Details of the Guidelines are found at



Craftsmen and Master separate awards for models. Awards are presented to the winners of the competitive events to recognize their excellence in modeling, photography, and crafting.


Modelers may earn enough points for merit awards in the Achievement Program (AP) which the Sunshine Region AP Chairman issues.

Two BEST IN SHOW awards are presented for the highest-scoring models in the Craftsmen and Master Skill level.

The President of the Sunshine Region will conduct his/her evaluation and present the PRESIDENTS AWARD to the model he determines merits that recognition. All models in the Celebration of Models are eligible for this single award.

First, Second and Third place awards are given to models in each of the nine categories, as shown below, following their points scores. One complete set is given for the Scratch Built classification and the Kit Built classification for each skill level Craftsmen and Master.


All models achieving 87.5 or more points are eligible for a merit award except for the display or diorama category, for which there is no AP merit award.

  • Steam Locomotives

  • Diesel & Other Locomotives

  • Passenger Car

  • Freight Cars

  • Caboose

  • Non-Revenue

  • Traction

  • Structures

  • Displays

The Peoples Choice Award is based on the popular vote of the attendees to the convention.

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