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Train Layout

Dave Barron


Photos courtesy of Dave Barron Dec 23, 2019

The latest railroad was built in the last 2 1/2 years after I retired.

  • Railroad resides in two stalls of my three-car garage.

  • Running HO on the bottom and the upper sections are an HOn3 railroad.

  • I use NCE and have several stations.

  • My structures are a combination of kits and scratch builds.

  • Backdrops are all hand-painted.

  • I did all paint in acrylics as I sat on the Railroad before I put scenery on it.

  • You may notice a line of cars above the railroad on narrow shelves. There are over 400 cars up there and except for 3, they are all wood built cars from over the years. My other prizes include cars I have traded for with private Railroads on them.

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