Welcome to the Sunshine Region – Eastern Division 02:


I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy.  The only group that I know of who is opening is Al Sohl, for work nights.  He is planning on holding his first OPs session on Aug 1st, COVID-19 permitting.


Over the last 5 months, we have received 8 new members.  They are Brian Chocot, Roger Hecq, Daniel McClarren, Jane Raymond, James Rita, Patricia Schepling, Carl Skowronski, and the Troup Family.  Welcome aboard, each and every one of you.  If the women have any questions or suggestions regarding our Women’s Program, please contact me (see below my name, at the bottom of this page.)  Everyone else can contact me if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them.


The April 18th Eastern Division Workshop was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic but I am looking forward to when I can set it up when we all are safe and sound.  Please keep your eyes open for the future date.


The Sunshine Region – Western Division is hosting the SSR Convention on October 1st-3rd, 2020.  A final decision on whether they will be able to hold it will be sometime in July, so please check back later.


I have been working on my German layout and have made a lot of updates.  My husband completed his island that he started on, during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I have also heard that a number of people have been busy working on their layouts too.  Can’t wait to see them.


Beverly Farnham,


Eastern Division Superintendent

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Achievement Program activities in the SSR Eastern Division

by Eric Menger, NMRA SSR Eastern Division AP Chairman;

June 7, 2020

At a recent “Achievement Program Meet” (AP Meet) in May 2020 at Ken and Beverly Farnham’s home in Palm Bay, Florida, two NMRA members received AP Certificates and several others completed requirements toward their AP Certificates as part of the NMRA Achievement Program.

Ken Farnham received his Golden Spike Award and Master Builder – Motive Power Certificates, both approved by SSR Regional Achievement Program Chair Al Sohl, MMR, and National Achievement Program General Manager, Frank Koch, HLM. At the same AP Meet, Beverly Farnham also received her Association Volunteer Certificate.

Al Sohl and Ken Farnham – AP Motive Power    

Al Sohl and Beverly Farnham – AP Volunteer

In addition, a few members present at the AP Meet completed their requirements for several AP Certificates. Regional AP Chair Al Sohl signed off so many documents at one sitting that he probably had to replace his pen at least twice! Great job, Al, Ken, and Beverly!

Richard Paul, Ken Farnham, and Al Sohl

Ken Farnham and Al Sohl

To accomplish this AP, meet while social distancing, it was necessary to 1) take a few precautions when meeting in person, and 2) document a few things a little more thoroughly beforehand via electronic means.  We asked all participants at Ken and Beverly’s house to bring face masks, maintain distances as much as possible, and use the hand sanitizer provided by Beverly. During a lunch break, we removed the masks but kept our distance (see photos).

Prior to the AP Meet, it was necessary to document Ken’s Motive Power and Civil AP requirements as well as establish the working environment for the judges for the meet. At the request of the Regional Chair, Division Chair Eric Menger made a separate trip on 5/23/2020 to review the paperwork with Ken, locate and establish the trackwork to be evaluated for Ken’s Civil AP, and ensure that Ken’s three motive power models actually operated under their own power.  This pre-meeting saved a lot of time at the actual meet that followed a week later (5/30/2020). In fact, Eric made a video of motive power moving through the civil AP trackwork without a hitch and also of the three AP required models operating on Ken’s layout and then sent the video to the Regional Chair and National AP Manager. This was sufficient for Ken to achieve both AP certificates.

At the same pre-meet on 5/23, and at Al’s suggestion, Eric pre-evaluated Beverly’s model work for her Scenery AP, pointing out a couple of items in advance of the actual AP Meet, when judges would be present. He also located and noted the structures that Ken was going to have judged for merit awards for the Structures AP.

When the actual AP Meeting date arrived and all the actual judging took place, it was apparent that the “dry run” a week prior had paid dividends. Not only was there time to judge all of Ken’s structures, evaluate the scenery on Bev’s layout, and complete the paperwork, there was also time to judge several structures brought in by Northern Division AP Chair Ken Hoot and his friend Richard Paul (who also helped judge other items).  Also, on hand to judge for the AP Meet were all the aforementioned NMRA members, along with Eastern Division judges Benita Jameson and Tom Salmon. Al Sohl was even able to have two of his scratch-built On30 Rio Grande Southern “Galloping Goose” rail cars evaluated at the meet.

A lot was accomplished thanks to Al’s encouragement and the cooperation of all involved. Congratulations to Ken and Beverly for completing several AP requirements, and to all participants for their excellent model work and continued efforts to improve.  All the photos, videos, and documentation have been sent to Al Sohl and Frank Koch for final review and evaluation.

Oh, almost forgot…we also watched the SpaceX launch from Ken and Beverly’s front yard!

SUMMARY of What was Accomplished at the 2 meetings:

  1. Bev Farnham – completed her SCENERY AP, which was evaluated by Bonita Jameson and Tom Salmon. She achieved her Merit Award and submitted the paperwork via Al Sohl to Frank Koch. Judges: Bonita Jameson and Tom Salmon.

  2. Bev Farnham – was presented her AP VOLUNTEER certificate by Al Sohl.

  3. Ken Farnham – completed his SCENERY, CARS, MOTIVE POWER, and STRUCTURES AP documentation, winning merit awards as appropriate. Submitted the documentation via Eric Menger and Al Sohl to Frank Koch. Judges: Al Sohl, Ken Hoot, Richard Paul, and Eric Menger.

  4. Ken Farnham – was presented his MOTIVE POWER AP Certificate and GOLDEN SPIKE award.

  5. Ken Hoots – achieved merit awards on 2 structures. Judges: Al Sohl and Eric Menger.

  6. Richard Paul – achieved merit awards on 2 structures. Judges: Al Sohl and Eric Menger.

  7. Watched the SpaceX launch.

Ken Farnham’s scratch-built FEC Roundhouse

Ken Farnham’s scratch-built Miller Distributor’s Warehouse