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 NMRA AP Program

Chief Dispatch AP


How to  Achieve

In the NMRA AP Program there are eleven different APs one being the Chief Dispatch AP.  In my opinion it is the most complicated (paperwork wise) AP to achieve.

To allow nine members of our Sunshine Region to receive this award (which allowed one, Marty Megregian, achieve his seventh and then become a Master Modeler) I assembled and then ran a hands on clinic in 2018 in my home dining room.  After about six hours we had seven members then ready to mail their packets of paperwork to the Regional AP Mgr. with two more needing to complete their fifty hours of operation and then they also received their AP.

The members all arrived at my house around 9:00AM and we hit the deck running by 9:30. I handed each a large envelope. I provided glues sticks, scotch tape, scissors, tweezers (yes even tweezers) straight edges and highlighters.  The attendees were required to bring five or six different colored pencils, a couple of regular pencils, with working erasers, enough postage as well as their NMRA return address label, pay a $10 fee and we were of and running.   

I put up a Power Point on my large screen TV in my dining room and asked all to review one piece of the paperwork at a time and not to shuffle any of it with their neighbors. 

In brief, they had a master copy of everything they needed to do in each packet and a blank in which they did the work by copying the master copy.  Once each assignment was finished, they were all instructed to toss the ‘Master Copy’ out and insert their work (as completed) into the large envelope.  Around noon we ordered chow (pizza, what else?) and took about a 45-minute break before hitting the bricks again.  By 3:00 PM everyone finished ALL the work as per the SOQ and, as mentioned, seven sealed the envelope and placed in my mailbox that day.  The other two finished their required fifty and they too received their Chief DS AP.

I have packets with the Power Point on a flash drive available for anyone willing and able to run this hands-on clinic.  For a $5.00 fee to cover my expense of each packet, I will be happy to send you one. 


The other alternative is I can offer to do it here in PSL, my house, if we can interest no fewer than five and no more than nine NMRA members.

Kenneth Hoot

Chairman for all Division AP (Achievement Program)

For additional support to Category 7, go to the website, select Education and on the pull-down menu, select Achievement Program. On the side menu, select Categories, then scroll down to Category 7 Chief Dispatcher or just open link;


Chief Dispatcher for the requirements. * Back to the side menu and select

"The Masters" articles. These two dispatch articles will provide helpful advice. ** 

* If you are planning to achieve this certificate on a home layout, which

most modelers do, be sure the layout design includes all the necessary


** Another Masters article appeared in the May 1991 edition of the Bulletin if you can find a copy. Maybe someone has a May 91 Bulletin and the article could be added.

I did this series in 1991 to 93; and edited the dispatch article.  I will search for it.


Mike Collins

Southern Division Regional Chair AP (Achievement Program)

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