Welcome to the SSR Northern Division 01,


Our territory covers most of Northern Florida from Jacksonville to the west of Tallahassee and from Georgia to just south of Alachua County.  Within our boundaries, we have excellent modelers from N to G scales and are blessed with a large number of railroad employees and retirees. Our quarterly meetings emphasize learning new skills, sharing experiences, and seeing what others have done.  This year our learning sessions will emphasize hands-on clinics.  We ask attendees to bring something they are working on, had completed, or have learned about to share with everyone else.     Check the events calendar for meeting dates and locations.  Hope to see you soon.


Robert (Bob) Feuerstein,

Northern Division Superintendent

email me at SSR Northern Division Superintendent@

Sunshine Region Northern Division Florida June 2021

The NMRA Sunshine Region (SSR), Northern Division presented two clinics at our show coordinated by our own Robert (Bob) Feuerstein. Bob is the SSR Northern Division Superintendent. Our NMRA Meeting/Clinic was kicked off by the NMRA President-elect Gordy Robinson, all the way from the Orkney Islands, an archipelago in the Northern Isles of Scotland. He met with and introduced himself to the SSR members and provided an opportunity for discussion and to voice any concerns prior to his meeting with the NMRA Board.

SSR members included: SSR Vice President; Jim Robinson, SSR 

Northern Division AP Chairman; Ken Hoot; SSR Northern Division Superintendent; Bob Feuerstein, along with the following members: Richard Segall (recent past superintendent), R. Miller, Sam Miller, Allen Scott, Lloyd Baldwin, Richard Paul, Larry Brennan, Larry Eggering, Wanita Kaiser and Andy J. Zimmerman

Andy J. Zimmerman will receive his Golden Spike as a result of his work displayed at the show. Bob Feuerstein is currently in the process of completing his requirements for Golden Spike.
Volunteer hours were awarded to those members who qualified.

Special Thanks to Gordy Robinson, Jim Robinson, Ken Hoot, Richard Segal, and Sam Miller for participating in the Norther Division SSR Division workshops.


Memberships: BBMRA picked up 6 new members to our club and 21 people renewed their memberships as well.

The Show: This year was our 30th year and we opted for a 2-day show. We did not know quite what to expect but did our best to get that information out to the public. Thanks to the Efforts of David Brazelle, we were on PBS, WTXL, and WCTV additionally we had an article in the Tallahassee Democrat.  Phil Weston listed our show on event pages state-wide as well in adjoining states. Brick and mortar hobby stores within a 200-mile radius were mailed flyers to pass out to customers and we purchased advertisements on social media to ensure the widest dissemination. Additionally, we posted our event multiple times to every model railroad/modeling group we could find in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Additionally, we posted to Apps like “Nextdoor” that send posts out to 29 neighborhoods in Tallahassee, boasting 100’s of members.

Special Thanks to David and Phil and all of you who distributed our flyers

Vendor coordination:  Special Thanks to Sam Miller, Carlton Ingram, and Bob Parmenter who comprise the show committee and worked tirelessly to bring in and secure vendors and get them placed into their respective buildings.

We added some great new vendors this year, including some well-known ones. Mohawk designs out of North Carolina, they said they did well and would be back. MoTrak Models, laser-cut buildings, out of Virginia said he did well, and he would be back.

Caretaker Crew

Special Thanks to Patrick and Leonese and their Crew, Ezra, Michael, Josh, and Devin. Drew Hackmeyer, Neal Meadows, Stacey Elliott, Gary Austin, Jeff Bearden for staying well after the show to assist the vendors in moving out of the building 

Let us compare and contrast to years past so that you can get a good picture of what all this work and effort culminated in. Statistically, Our show over a 22-year period average 501 paid through the gate per year. As I post these numbers it is important to remember that these numbers are PAID GATE numbers and are lower than the actual attendance, this year's show comes in 1st all time! We beat the overall average by an additional 279 people paid through the gate.


Special thanks: To everyone who worked to make this happen. If I missed a name I apologize. This does not happen because of any one single person. This happens when a TEAM works together to ensure a quality result. Thank you all for your hard work!! I am sure Covid stopped some from coming, some from traveling. The competing (albeit much smaller) show in Tampa may have siphoned off a few patrons. But all in all, this show was a success. This was a win for our Club and for the Tallahassee Model Railroad Show and Sale.

Andy J, Zimmerman