Welcome to the SSR Northern Division,


Our territory covers most of Northern Florida from Jacksonville to the west of Tallahassee and from Georgia to just south of Alachua County.  Within our boundaries, we have excellent modelers from N to G scales and are blessed with a large number of railroad employees and retirees. Our quarterly meetings emphasize learning new skills, sharing experiences, and seeing what others have done.  This year our learning sessions will emphasize hands-on clinics.  We ask attendees to bring something they are working on, had completed, or have learned about to share with everyone else.     Check the events calendar for meeting dates and locations.  Hope to see you soon.


Richard Segall, Northern Division Superintendent

Next Meeting:

Saturday, January 25 in Orange Park

The Northern Division meets at Island View Baptist Church in Orange Park (900 Park Ave., Orange Park, FL 32073, USA) on Saturday, January 25.  doors open at 9 with the program beginning at 9:30.

We continue our layout animation quest with an examination of mechanical approaches to create light, sound and action and to coordinate them for added effect.  Using easily accessible pieces and parts (scavengers delight!) and learning from classic toys, opportunity awaits.  Earl Beegle will present his approach to designing the scene and tricks he uses to add action and interest to his layout, including user interactions.

Alan Scott will walk us through the process of installing a DCC decoder in an Atlas locomotive.  This clinic with examine the key steps in making connections and developing awareness to what is around the change to deal with electrical isolation and unhindered mechanical motion.

We will spend some time flushing out the details to this year’s member challenge of creating a simple animation project for a layout.

See Video for other Ideas bellow

Hope to see you on the 25th.  Remember, we ask for a $5 donation to cover the cost of renting the church for the event.


The Challenge

Construct an object for a layout (any scale) or diorama that incorporates an animation component.

The action must be triggered by a change in the environment related to the object or by a manual trigger other than the general activation of the layout.

The animation may be motion, sound, or light or any combination of the three.

If the object is a purchased product (for example, a Woodland Scenic object with lights for its lighting system) it must have some customization of the product related to the animation, for example, an activation mechanism.

Because the items are layout oriented, presentation via a video clip is acceptable.  The presentation should include the reason for the specific animation feature, how it was accomplished, and its impact.  Telling the challenges in completing the task will enhance the presentation.

Date for presentation:  June 13, 2020 Northern Division Meeting.

Note:  This NOT a contest; it is a learning experience from which we share the good, bad, and the ugly that comes from pushing our modeling skills.
The challenge “rules” will be posted on the Sunshine Region website under Northern Division.  Check that site for updates and clarifications.  Samples of the projects will be posted there after the meeting.

See Video for other Ideas bellow (Turn on Sound Lower Left Hand Conner hit musical note icon.)

Meeting for 2020;

January 25, 2020


Island View Baptist Church 900 Park Ave., Orange Park, FL 32073, USA

April 25, 2020

Location: Location and program details not yet finalized

June 13, 2020

Location: Location and program details not yet finalized

October 1 thru 3, 2020

Location: Plant City.  See SunshineRegion.org/events for details.


October 24, 2020

Location: Location and program details not yet finalized

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