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Candidate Bio's for October 2022 Elections



BIO for Gene Jameson


I was born and raised in Sanford Fl.  As a kid, my dad had a mail contract that required him to take the mail from the post office to the train station and bring the mail back to the post office twice a day. At that time Atlantic Coast Line had a large maintenance shop in Sanford that did heavy repair on their locomotives.  I always wanted to go with him on the mail run!  It seemed like there were millions of F and GP units just idling away, waiting for their turn at maintenance. Like many other youngsters, my first experience with model trains was a Lionel set (which I still have).


Upon graduating high school, I went into the Air Force.  After basic training, I initially went to school for vehicle maintenance, later cross training into weather equipment maintenance. After several years in this field, I went back school for advanced training on weather equipment.  I spent a total of 11 years in the weather maintenance field.  The Air Force in their infinite wisdom, cross trained me into wide band maintenance, so back to school for another 11 months! While at my first duty assignment, I developed an interest in N scale modeling, but switched to HO scale a few years later.


I spent 20 years in the Air Force, moved 17 times, was stationed all over the United States, and was sent on temporary duty assignments all over the world. Wherever I went, modeling remained a passion. Utilizing the training in electronics that I received while in service, after retirement I went to work with Rockwell Collins in their engineering department. I was involved in designing and modifying the design on VHF/ HF communications radios, distance measuring equipment and radio altimeter.  The radio altimeter is found on both air transport aircraft (commercial airliners), and business jets.  This equipment is used in the auto- land system on the aircraft.  I spent 23 years with Rockwell Collins before retiring in July 2020.


I would like to be considered for President of the Sunshine Region.  I have been a member of the NMRA / Sunshine Region since 2002.  Over the years I have held several positions, Good and Welfare officer for the Region, Eastern Division Superintendent, and most recently, Director at Large for the Region.  On the national level, I was the Coordinator, HO Standards in the NMRA Tech Department.  I have been active for years at both the local and national level, giving clinics, and volunteering at most of the national conventions since 2005.  I was the registrar for the 2017 NMRA Convention in Orlando.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me, I hope to continue serving on the Board of the Sunshine Region as the President.

Vice President

BIO for Jim Robertson


I am running for the position of Vice President for the 2023/2024 term.

I am the current Vice President of the Region and I hope that my work as the Vice President was satisfactory and that you will reelect me to a second term.


As for as my credentials as a working member of the Region speaks for itself. I was Western Division secretary/Treasurer for 3 years Western division superintendent for 4 years, served on the 2017 National Convention Planning Committee, Served as chairman for the Regional convention in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022.


I thank you for your support in the past and hope that you will see fit to vote for me to become the Regional Vice President for the upcoming 2023/2034 term.




BIO for Eric Menger


Eric grew up in Vero Beach, Florida, graduated high school and college, and was commissioned an officer in the United States Navy. Eric spent his active-duty career as a naval aviator and transitioned to the naval reserve in 1989. In the reserve, he served as a pilot and a naval intelligence officer, retiring from the Navy in 2007. While a naval reservist, Eric was also the airport director at Vero Beach Airport for 24 years. Eric holds an FAA instrument-rated commercial pilot's license with over 2500 hours of flight time in military and civilian aircraft. He is retired from both careers and now works as a part-time aviation consultant for a national civil engineering firm. He remains active in civic, military, and charitable organizations. Eric has served as treasurer for the Veterans Council of Indian River County, treasurer for the local chapter of the Military Officer’s Association of America, and Director, Secretary, Vice-President, and President of the Florida District of the National Exchange Club.


An NMRA and SSR member for many years, Eric was also a founding member (while in high school) of the Treasure Coast Model Railroad Club. He still has his original club railroad cap and SSR patch. Eric started three HO layouts while in the navy and while an airport manager, but never completed one due to career moves and life choices. After retirement, Eric chose to switch to On30 and joined Al Sohl’s Western Bay Railroad Club in Port St Lucie, where he started working on his MMR certifications. He is currently the Eastern Division Chair of the SSR Achievement Program and has been awarded his AP Certificate for Chief Dispatcher. He is planning an On30 layout in his garage. He and his wife, Kelly, have four children and six grandchildren and continue to live in Vero Beach.




BIO for Ken Farnham, MMR


In 2019 when I assumed the position of Treasurer of an existing tenure, I have been able to correct many of the practices needed to reform our Region to adhere to a 501c3 requirement.

Since I assumed the balance of the elected vacancy of the position of Treasurer, I was then elected to the term of Treasurer for 2020-2022. During my term I established a more formal method to address many of the pitfalls that were found in financial accuracy and the ability of the Region to control expenditures of earlier years.


I established a credit card method for the convention and divisions to manage their expenses and provided an accurate method of tracking expenses by the region. In December 2020, the board approved commissioning an agency to correct the revoked 501c4 status to the 501c3 tax exemption category. Early in 2021 the NMRA Sunshine Region, Inc. received certification from the IRS as a 501c3 corporation.


As an exempt corporation the Region can exempt the cost of sales taxes that otherwise would have to be paid for events we provide to the members of The Region. In 2021, alone, the sizable portion of the cost to become a 501c3 has been recovered with the tax exemptions of the Convention. Within the next year the full amount should be recovered in savings.
Our Region is in a strong and financially stable position, and I would like to continue as the Treasurer for the term of 2022 to 2024.



Northern Division Superintendent

BIO for Robert (Bob) Feuerstein


I am a member of the Big Bend Model Railroading Association group in Tallahassee, FL, and currently the Superintendent of the Northern Division for the last two years of the Sunshine Region. Now, the Sunshine Region Webmaster assists with the Calendar and Information Technology on the website.


In the past, I was a member of the NMRA and the Short Track Railroad Club in Vista, CA, since April of 2015, and after a move to Tallahassee, Florida, in May 2018, I am now with Big Bend Model Railroad Association. With the guidance of the many fantastic Sunshine Region and Big Bend Model Railroad Association members, I am currently working on the Achievements to become a Master Model Railroader. I have been active at a regional level participating in Regional Conventions and National Convention. I’ve taught clinics at the 2016 Culver City Convention, 2017 Ontario Convention, CA, Sunshine Region 2018, and National NMRA in Salt Lake City, Utah 2019.


Eastern Division Superintendent

BIO for Beverly Farnham


I am running for the office of Eastern Division Superintendent.  I was appointed interim Eastern Division Superintendent in June, 2019 by President David Barron and the board of directors.  I really enjoy working with all of my fellow officers and modelers.  Everyone has been very accepting of having a woman hold this position.


I have been an NMRA member since August, 2015, but have been interested in trains since the 60s.  I earned my Golden Spike Award in May, 2016 and have received my 6th Achievement Award in Nov, 2021.   Currently I am working on the Master Builder – Cars AP, which will then earn me the MMR.   I love railfanning and have traveled to many places just for that purpose.  I am also a member of the Florida East Coast Railway Society.


Needless to say, the last two years have not been very active because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We are finally able to have a Workshop in June, 2022.  I am looking forward for the opportunity to continue serving as the Eastern Division Superintendent and encouraging people to join the NMRA and also become more invested in participating in the Sunshine Region’s Workshops and Conventions.  I would appreciate your vote for Eastern Division Superintendent, for the next 2-years.


Southern Division Superintendent




Western Division Superintendent

BIO for Don Wetmore


I will be running for reelection as Western Div Superintendent. The last 2 years have been a bit crazy and I am looking forward to things getting more normal going forward. Meeting each other in person is important to me and hosting regular workshops around the division again is a great way to make that happen. I hope to get to know each of you better over my next term.


I have been active in the NMRA since high school which is now almost 50 years. The two things I value most over those years are fellowship and education. I have made many lifelong friends through the NMRA and hope to make many more. Clinics, contests and the Achievement Program have all helped me to become a better modeler. I hope that together we can continue to help each other improve our skills and share our enjoyment of model railroading.


Director at Large

BIO for Ken Hoot


My background includes 23 years in the US Navy, retiring as a Chief (E7).  I subsequently worked in technical programs as an instructor guiding young people through mechanical training as they prepared for apprenticeships.  In both cases I attempted to nurture a sense of craftsmanship, critical self-analysis, and feedback designed to help the person grow.  I feel that this three-pronged approach yields sustained growth and increased work satisfaction.   I believe this approach will advance our hobby and enable us to serve members as they develop their skills and insights.


I have engaged in model railroading for five decades; each with its special challenges and rewards.  Currently, I model in On30 with a western orientation, and support the development of the First Coast Model Railroad Club in the construction and refinement of its multideck HO scale layout.  I am actively pursuing various Achievement Program certifications which are truly raising my appreciation for craftsman level modeling and model railroad operations.  I have been active in the Northern Division of the Sunshine Region for about a decade and have increased my participation in direct support of the Region itself.  I am currently serving on the Sunshine Regions Board of Directors as Director at Large and as Region Achievement Program Chairperson.


Recognizing the options and limitations of people at different stages of life will enable our organization to expand membership.  We need to move beyond the mass gatherings and contests as our core activities as these emphasize people with experience and only to a lesser degree the novice member who is looking for guidance and mentoring.  We need to expand service to clubs and divisions and encourage both to implement exposure and outreach activities as gateways to the social network that enriches our hobby.


I look forward to the opportunity for service in elected office.



Director at Large

BIO for Jeff "Ski" Guzowski


I grew up in Dania Beach, FL, where only 4 blocks from our house was the Florida East Coast Railway, double track mainline (with our own passenger station/freight house). Also, about a mile away, was the Atlantic Coastline, (then the Seaboard Airline / Seaboard Coastline) all within bike riding distance, (1950’s &1960’s).  As a kid, I loved spending a lot of time watching trains that came through our town and built 2 HO model layouts as a teenager.


In 2009, I retired from AT&T as a Service Repair Technician, and rediscovered Model Railroading as a hobby, one that I had always been interested in since I was 6 years old.  We have bought a new house in the Beverly Hills, FL area with a 20’ x 32’ outbuilding (otherwise known as my “new” train room).  I am modeling the Norfolk and Western Steam Era (1943) Shenandoah Division (Roanoke, VA to Hagerstown, MD) in HO.


I am currently a member of the Operations Special Interest Group (OPSIG), Layout Design Special Interest Group (LDSIG), Echoes Train Club (Miami, FL), Citrus Model Railroad Club (Inverness, FL), Norfolk Western Historical Society, and Florida East Coast Railway Society.


I joined the NMRA in 2007 and was appointed to the positions of Southern Division Asst Superintendent (mid 2008-2010) and Southern Division Achievement Program Coordinator (2010-2019).  I was elected as Southern Division Superintendent (2010-2014) termed out, Sunshine Region Secretary (2014-2020) and Sunshine Region President (2020-2022).  I have been involved in the Region since 2008 and I would work along with the Board of Directors to bring new ideas to the “Best Region Under the Sun”, so I would appreciate your vote to serve as your new Sunshine Region Director at Large 2022-2024 term.




Director at Large

BIO for Paul Beckstrum


Model railroader for 60+ years.  Model in O, On3 & On30.  Published author:  Co-author, Swayne Lumber Company, Narrow Gauge Logger in the Merrimac Forest, PFM 1992; author numerous articles Timberbeast and Timber Times.


Co-Chair 39th National Narrow Gauge Convention, Sacramento.  Clinic Presenter numerous  Narrow Gauge Conventions and West Side Reunions.  Model Contest winner at same conventions.


Retired California fire fighter.  Assistant Fire Chief Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Fire/Rescue Division.  48 years total service.  Instructor, California Community College System, Fire Technology 38 years.


I am a team player.  I am interested in providing whatever services are necessary to improve and assist in NMRA proceedings and ventures in the Sunshine Region.

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