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Region Officers
as of
October 2022

You should receive an email answer within 7 days.  If not, please send it to  with the person's name and title and we will make sure it gets to the right person.

SSR President

Gene Jameson

Email; SSR President@

SSR Past President

Jeff (Ski) Guzowski

SSR Vice President

Jim Robertson

Email; SSR Vice President@

SSR Secretary

Eric Menger

Email; SSR Secretary@

SSR Treasurer

Ken Farnham - MMR

Email; SSR Treasurer@

At Large Director

Ken Hoot

At Large Director

Geoff Haines

At Large Director

Andy Zimmerman

At Large Director

Paul Beckstrom

Superintendent Northern Division

Robert (Bob) Feuerstein

Email; SSR Superintendent Northern Division@

Superintendent Southern Division

Bill Logan

Email; SSR Superintendent South Division@

Superintendent Eastern Division

Beverly Farnham

Email; SSR Superintendent Eastern Division@

Superintendent Western Division

Don Wetmore

Email; Superintendent Western Division@


AP (Achievement Program) Chairman

Ken Hoot (Acting)

Email; SSR AP Chairman for All Division@


AP (Achievement Program) for Northern Division

Richard Paul

Email; SSR Northern Division AP Regional Chair@

AP (Achievement Program) for Southern Division

Mike Collins - MMR

Email; SSR Southern Division AP Regional Chair@

AP (Achievement Program) for Eastern Division

Eric Menger

Email; SSR Eastern Division AP Regional Chair@

AP (Achievement Program) for Western Division


Email; SSR Western Division AP Regional Chair@



Email; SSR Ballot@

Convention 2023

Glenn Kopriva

Email; Convention Committee@


Daniel Frolich

Email; SSR Communications@


Robert (Bob) Feuerstein

Email; SSR Historian@

Webmaster & IT

John Crellin

Email; SSR Webmaster@


Daniel (Dan) Frolich

Email; SSR Membership@

Model Contest

Benita Jameson

Email; SSR Model Contest@



Email; SSR Nominating@

Photo Contest Chairman

Ken Farnham - MMR

Email; SSR Photo Contest Chairman@

Photo Contest Co-Chairman

Robert (Bob) Feuerstein

Email; SSR Photo Contest Co-Chairman@

Social Media

Stacey Elliott

Email; SSR Social Media@

Telegraph Key

Gene Jameson

Email; SSR Publications Telegraph Key@

The Journal Box

Robert Raymond

Email; SSR Publications The Journal Box@

Women's Program

Beverly Farnham

Email; SSR Women's Program@

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