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To "The Best Region Under The Sun"

The Sunshine Region of the NMRA encompasses all of the State of Florida except for a small western portion of the Panhandle. We currently support members within four distinct geographical areas: the Northern, Eastern, Western, and Southern Divisions.


Scroll down this page to see the latest news and our region members who have achieved NMRA recognition. View your local information under the Divisions tab. Download a copy of our region newsletter, The Journal Box. Be sure to check out the Events page for shows and meetings from all over our state. Visit the Hobby Shops and Clubs pages to see what is available near you. Lastly, enjoy the Gallery page to see photos of our member's layouts, Division events, and Region conventions - all updated monthly.

We hope you enjoy this new SSR website and find it easy to use. Site content will be updated regularly so check back often.

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OCTOBER 12 THRU 14, 2023

See the EVENTS page for more events local to you!

To "The Best Region Under The Sun"

From the bylaws section Division Boundaries A. The Corporation shall be sub-divided into Divisions to facilitate administration of The Corporation, and a Division Superintendent shall be elected by the members of the Division.

1. The Northern Division shall comprise (of) Postal Zip Codes 320XX, 32100, 32110, 32112, 32114-32131, 32135-32140, 32142-32157, 32160-32161, 32164-32178, 32180-32181, 32185-32191, 32193-32194, 32198-32200, 322XX, 323XX and 326XX

 2. The Eastern Division shall comprise (of) Postal Zip Codes 32101-32109, 32132, 32141, 327XX, 328XX, 329XX, 347XX and 34914. 

 3. The Southern Division shall comprise (of) Postal Zip Codes 330XX, 331XX, 332XX, 333XX, 334XX and 340XX

 4. The Western Division shall comprise (of)Postal Zip Codes 32111, 32113, 32133-32134, 32158-32159, 32162-32163, 32179, 32182-32184, 32192, 32195-32197, 335XX, 336XX, 337XX, 338XX, 339XX, 341XX, 342XX, 344XX and 346XX.

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